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Exploring Change Through the Wisdom of the Body

In light of COVID-19 and Black and Indigenous-led social/political movements across the continent, our collective awareness of racism, patriarchy, capitalist exclusion, and structural oppression is heightened. Organizations across all sectors, from big corporations to nonprofits to governments, have a newfound focus on “diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I).” But how are these terms being used, and for whose benefit? What are the underlying objectives informing these commitments and do they translate into action? Where do Indigenous Peoples fit within these discussions and objectives, given that we all live on Indigenous lands? Where does reconciliation fit within DE&I?

Please join our fourth Connection Café!

Meaningful Conversations: Making Connections for Inclusivity on Indigenous Lands

Co-facilitated by Leah and Olivia Horzempa

Hosted by Lisa Villeneuve (Watson)

Wednesday, March 24, 2021 – 12:00pm to 2:00pm EDT

Join Leah and Olivia Horzempa of Sister Circle Consulting as they break down and critically relate concepts of equity, inclusion, and reconciliation. Grounded in their Métis perspectives and wholistic worldview, they will explore how equity is distinct from inclusion in the context of truth and reconciliation on Indigenous Land. Participants can deepen their understandings of how Indigenous Peoples fit (and don’t fit) within these constructs, and the importance of centering the needs, demands, and calls for justice of Indigenous communities as a foundational priority in social justice and environmental/political movements.

Leah and Olivia aim to equip participants with tools to empower themselves and others in the pursuit of inclusive social change. Specifically, they will invite participants to join in a facilitated personal/professional development exercise to learn about humility from an Indigenous/Métis worldview, how it differs from western definitions, and ways to practically apply humility to achieve inclusion. Participants will also explore the concept of positionality to increase self-awareness and improve their ability to critically reflect on their own identities and geo/social locations. By grounding in humility and positionality, we are better suited to witness and interrupt structural oppression and actively participate in change movements as allies and co-resistors.

Participants will come away with:

  • A deeper understanding of the difference between “equity” and “inclusion”;
  • Awareness of how movements for equity and inclusion relate to Indigenous movements toward self-determination and sovereignty;
  • The importance of centering Indigenous rights, demands, and calls for justice in all we do as guests on Indigneous Land;
  • How to apply humility for inclusive ways of being and doing, and;
  • How to evaluate our positionality to avoid perpetuating oppressive dynamics, as allies in social change movements.

The fee for this professional development workshop is $89. All proceeds will be given to Sister Circle Consulting.

If this fee poses a barrier for you, please contact Anuradha Dam at coordinator@changeopenly.com.

As a Certified B Corp, Openly is committed to compensating Indigenous Peoples, Black people and People of Colour for generously sharing their knowledge, expertise and guidance so that we may become more effective allies.

Donna Forde

About Our Co-Facilitators

Leah and Olivia Horzempa – Sister Circle Consulting

Leah (she/they) and Olivia Horzempa (she/they) are Métis sisters from the Georgian Bay Métis Community, located on traditional Anishinaabeg and Wendat Lands near what is currently known as Penetanguishene/Midland. Leah is a lawyer and Olivia is a Registered Nurse, both licensed to practice in Ontario. In 2019, Leah started Sister Circle Consulting, offering wholistic training and education, facilitation, and consultation related to Indigenous realities and perspectives, wholistic worldviews, community engagement, and reconciliation broadly. For the past 2 years, Olivia has worked in the City of Toronto as an Indigenous public health nurse and researcher in the Indigenous Affairs Office. In 2021, Olivia joined Leah as a facilitator, educator, and consultant. Together, they bring multi-disciplinary insights, experiences, and stories to help their clients achieve more wholistic understandings of western social constructs, colonial mechanisms of oppression, and methods for creatively revisioning a future society rooted in Indigenous sovereignty and justice for all.

Lisa Watson

About Our Host

Lisa Villeneuve (Watson) – Co-Founder, Openly

Lisa Villeneuve is a trusted social impact strategist with 20+ years of experience helping leaders to navigate complex change and transform human systems. Lisa’s human-centered, collaborative approach builds trusting relationships through meaningful dialogue, shared learning and purposeful planning. As a consultant and coach for social purpose organizations and networks, she facilitates strategy design, learning, organizational development and system leadership. Lisa is known for her ability to illuminate strengths, listen deeply and bring strategies to life.

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