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Openly Joins the B-Corp Community

Justice, equity and dignity for all is a commitment that’s baked into our company’s DNA. Firmly grounded in these values, Openly uses its talent, time and treasure to elevate the impact of purpose-driven leaders and change makers creating social good.

The B Corp community works toward reduced inequality, lower levels of poverty, a healthier environment, stronger communities, and the creation of high-quality jobs with dignity and purpose.

Read more about our commitment in our B-Corp announcement on LinkedIn.

Taking Action to End Gender-Based Violence

Gender-based violence is disproportionately experienced by women and girls, as well as “diverse populations, including Indigenous peoples, LGBTQ2 community members, gender non-binary individuals, those living in northern, rural, and remote communities, people with disabilities, newcomers, children and youth, and seniors.”

Read more about Openly’s pledge to end gender-based violence.

field notes

Strengthening Youth Entrepreneurship Education

In October 2016, an anonymous donor partnered with Openly to complete an evaluation of its Youth Entrepreneurship funding priority. They wanted to understand their contribution and impact on the work of their grantees and the field, and to learn about best/ promising practices to inform and strengthen these efforts.

This document presents our results from an evaluation completed between October 2016 and March 2017. Our findings are summarized with a framework of the needs and opportunities for youth entrepreneurship along a developmental trajectory. We conclude with considerations for funders investing in youth entrepreneurship. A detailed literature review is appended, along with a limited inventory of other Canadian funders and foundations supporting youth entrepreneurship.

Community-Driven Design Development

‘Design by Committee’ is a much-derided term in the design sphere – seen as something that slows down process and limits creativity. In his case study on South Riverdale Community Health Centre’s new logo design, Randal details how ‘Design by Community’ is a more successful approach to involving many stakeholders in the creative process.

This case study focuses on the development of a logo for South Riverdale Community Health Centre. In it, we show how to engage the community in a design project, and have detailed some of the pushback that happens when non-profits engage in design development.

Conversations of Substance:
Youth in Waterloo Region on Issues of Substance Use

In April 2019, a new report was released from the Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council (WRCPC) courtesy of youth who use substances in Waterloo region alongside collaborating partners. The qualitative research was conducted with Openly with funding provided by the Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network.

Openly associate Geetha Van den Daele brought her remarkable facilitation skills to connecting with youth about their experiences with substance use. The conversations were raw and real, and together we turned these into an insight report for the WRCPC.

Conversations of Substance is part of an intentional effort to engage people typically not included in policy-programming efforts, and will inform the on-going development of WRCPC’s Waterloo Region Youth Engagement Strategy.

through the periscope

Learn how to amplify your impact as a purpose-driven leader and changemaker

Tune in to this episode of the Pioneers of Good podcast to hear Lisa Watson and Tanya Darisi share their story of building a values-based, social purpose company. Lisa and Tanya offer insights on the benefits and challenges of operationalizing values, and how this approach guides strategy, decision-making and daily work.

Toilet Paper Scarcity and Other Money Vulnerabilities

In this episode of It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask! Cathy Mann has an open and honest conversation with Lisa Watson about how our money values and personal relationship with money – ie our ‘money mindset’ can manifest in the ways we work in the charitable sector.

Lisa and Cathy talk about the work they’re doing as a team to challenge charitable sector leaders to have courageous conversations about money and how our beliefs around money need to shift for the benefit of the organizations we work with.

Leveraging the Power of Networks

If you’re like most nonprofit leaders, you’re devoting significant effort to your networks. But how intentional are you about making your networks effective and impactful?

Lisa Watson spoke with 500+ nonprofit leaders at Nonprofit Driven 2018 about the power and potential of networks, including the Ontario Nonprofit Network.

This article offers a few surprisingly simple principles and tools for building effective and impactful networks.

Never More Alone, Never More Together: Paradoxes of Working in Networks

Networks have emerged as a transformational adaptation to a continually-changing community service environment characterized by complex social and economic issues, and the needs of a diverse population.

In this article for The Philanthropist, Kris Cummings traces the emergence of networks and their key capacities, and highlights tensions that may undermine collaborative efforts.

4 Ways to Build a Spiritually Intelligent Organization

Our 21st century world is complex and perplexing. The stakes are high. It’s not surprising that, in the face of uncertainty, women and men alike are seeking more spiritual integration.

Lisa Watson shares 4 approaches for building spiritually intelligent organizations. It’s surprisingly simple but it requires effort and intention.

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