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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

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As a social changemaker, do you struggle with how to engage your organization in talking about intersectionality, equity and anti-Black racism? Do you worry that you don’t know enough to be able to do it well? Are these challenges affecting your impact and individual or team wellbeing?

In this interactive workshop, we shared a human-centered approach to applying an intersectional equity lens in your organization using empathetic listening. We worked with simple conversational tools that support deeper listening and safer, richer exploration. The session was designed based on Liberating Structures facilitation techniques which creatively and inclusively engage all participants in learning and practical coaching.


our hosts

Chanel Grenaway

Chanel Grenaway – Principal, Chanel Grenaway and Associates

Chanel Grenaway is a seasoned adviser to leaders in the nonprofit sector. With 20 years of experience in building the capacity of organizations to apply an equity lens to their programs and services, she is an authority on gender analysis and community engagement. Chanel’s approach is rooted in designing equitable systems that enable underrepresented groups to realize their full potential. As a consultant, she facilitates learning and conversations related to systemic racism, equity in the workplace and conducts participatory research across diverse sectors to enhance project outcomes.

Lisa Watson

Lisa Watson – Co-Founder, Openly

Lisa Watson is a trusted social impact strategist with 20+ years of experience helping changemakers to navigate complexity and transform human systems. Lisa’s human-centered, collaborative approach builds trusting relationships through meaningful dialogue, shared learning and purposeful planning. As a consultant and coach for social purpose organizations and networks, she facilitates strategy design, learning, organizational development and system leadership. Lisa is known for her ability to illuminate strengths, listen deeply and bring strategies to life.