Our Design Gallery

We co-create communication materials that resonate with people and amplify your message. With an embedded creative and collaborative approach, we ensure that your vision and voice stay true to you, your cause, your organization, and your sector.

We invite you to explore some examples of our work below.

Theory of Change

Centre for Connected Communities

C3’s theory of change clarifies this new organizations purpose and identity. As Project Lead of Grassroots Networks, Gillian Perera states, this clarity is helping the team to put more substance behind our vision, mission and our values and principles with integrity. We can say this is why we’re doing this.”

The Period Purse

As a young and growing charity, TPP’s theory of change is their roadmap. Founder, Jana Girdauskas says,I love it as a decision-making tool. Instead of us debating whether this was a good choice or not, it was already made for us because we had decided we had other priorities.”

East Scarborough Storefront

The Storefront’s theory of change has evolved into a practical Playbook. As a Manager, Carolyn Saenz-Esterhuyse uses the Playbook in her daily work. “So if staff ask, why are we doing this?, we can say: if it aligns, we make it work. If it doesn’t fit with our purpose, even if it’s a good idea, we don’t move it forward.”

Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre

MNJCC’s theory of change is energizing the organization as staff can see how their work makes a difference. Harriet Wichin, Executive Director, says, “When I say, Find yourself on the page, they say ‘Yup, that’s who I am, that’s what I do and that’s my part.’ That (theory of change) tool helped break down the silos.”

Long form documents


We have designed multiple reports for the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council, ensuring that each topic carries a distinctive look while retaining the visual style of the organization.

York University

As a Vendor of Record at York University, our team is a go-to source for projects that cannot be handled by in-house communication teams. We work with multiple faculties and departments on campus to create communication materials that match visual standards for the university.


Our work with Rise extends beyond evaluation and into the realm of design with the development of resources that are used in various initiatives and programs.

Democratic Engagement Exchange

Our collaborations with the Democratic Engagement Exchange resulted in the development of a suite of visually engaging materials to encourage participation in provincial and municipal elections across Ontario.


South Riverdale Community Health Centre

We have worked with SRCHC for a number of years on their communication materials – with a significant effort placed on website development. Working with SRCHC leadership and communications specialists, we continuously improve upon features to the site that enhance access and usability for the many community members who visit the site daily.

East Toronto Health Partners

After developing a new identity for this collective of health and social service organizations in East Toronto, our team worked to develop a site that focuses on client access to programs and initiatives in their area.

The Canadian Centre for Accreditation

CCA worked with us to refresh the look and feel of their website – shifting their comprehensive content into a format and structure that is visually engaging and clear to navigate in both English and French.

Infographic visualizations

Ovarian Cancer Canada

In consultation with communities of patients, clinicians and researchers, Ovarian Cancer Canada has created a three-pronged approach with a clear single aim over the next five years: to improve the outcomes of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Our team developed an infographic and short video sequence to outline the components of this research initiative.


Based in South Riverdale Community Health Centre, KeepSIX provides outreach and harm reduction education to the broader community, and provides harm reduction kits for distribution, as well as harm reduction supplies such as naloxone kits, safe disposal supplies and clean syringes and pipes. Our team was engaged in developing a poster for the exterior of the building to celebrate the successes of the program in the community.

Stonehenge Therapeutic Community

Stonehenge Therapeutic Community was founded in 1971 as a small, farm-based residential treatment program for men and women with a history of acute or chronic substance use issues. In addition to program evaluation, we develop annual snapshots to summarize the accomplishements of the many facets of operations at the organization.

Short form communications

Evangel Hall Mission

ehm builds community with houseless and socially isolated people in Toronto through support, housing, services, and advocacy. Our team assists with sharing this information with donors and volunteers with a consistent design for their quarterly newsletters.

East Scarborough Storefront

Our work with the Storefront goes back to 2000, and we have developed a friendly style for the organization that is consistently applied across print and digital communications.