Our Promise

Living Our Values


Relationships are the foundation for change. We engage authentically.


Curiosity is the gateway to discovery and hope. We make it ok to ask the hard questions.


Purposeful work is impact-driven. We design for change.


The road to social impact is not clear and easy. We are responsive to emerging insights.


Deep change takes commitment. We do the hard work over the long term.


Systemic barriers get in the way. We disrupt with sensitivity and courage.

Our Social Purpose Commitment

  • Social Impact: Through everything we do, we will advance equity, dignity and justice for all. We will strengthen communities and support meaningful opportunity, inclusion and wellbeing for people who face systemic barriers and stigma for any reason, including their race, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, ability and age.
  • Environmental Impact: We will actively contribute to a healthy, vibrant planet today and for the future. We will be intentional about minimizing harmful impacts of our work on our communities and the planet.

What It Means To Be a B Corp

Certified B Corporations are for-profit companies that use the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. They meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. To date, there are more than 2,500 B Corps in 130 industries and 60 countries around the world. Openly is proud to be a member of the B Corp community.

Our Volunteer Commitment

Openly is committed to giving back through our staff time. We have committed to contribute 5% of our time to volunteer and pro bono services to organizations and changemakers we care about. We meet our 5% commitment each year through leadership roles on boards and committees and offering free workshops and coaching. 

Interested in learning more about our social purpose?